Rural Press Club

Last week, members of our Rural team hosted 6 clients at the Rural Press Club lunch.  David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture was presenting.

What was said?

The Minister focused on the positive nature of the Agriculture sector and highlighted the importance of working to find solutions to common issues.  Adding to this, he also discussed setting a policy framework that lets business get on with the job of running, investing and growing the sector.

Directly the sector employs around 1.6 million people, however, the Minister stated that indirectly there were many other industries involved in manufacturing and processing that rely on primary production for their raw materials.  Therefore, creating growth in the Agricultural sector provides more opportunity across the economy. Technology advancements and further development of regional industries were highlighted as key growth opportunities for this sector.  In his speech, the Minister stated that he hopes Australia will lead the world in developing new technology in this sector.

The Minister also talked to the competing forces within the Australian agricultural landscape, including industry bodies.  This raised the question; “What is required for the future to help release our true potential?…” Perhaps we need to challenge the status quo. What worked yesterday, will that continue to work tomorrow? A continued focus on export markets, promotion of new products and new markets globally, will surely be front of mind. We would love to hear your thoughts on what’s next in this ever changing industry…


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