If you are looking to maximise your tax return on your residential, commercial or industrial investment property, we can help you.

Herron Todd White is recognised as a Registered Tax Agent Company (Registration Number 82391003) and our specialists are members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors who are experts in tax depreciation reports and advice, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) valuations, insurance valuations and replacement cost estimate reports and sinking fund forecasts.


Tax Depreciation Schedule

Depreciation is an important part of maximising your investment returns from an income generating property. We provide specialist advice to property investors, building owners, real estate agents and property managers in respect of depreciation allowances.

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Capital Gains Tax Valuation

Determining market value of a property is essential in calculating Capital Gains Tax, and no one is better qualified to provide this market valuation than us.

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Insurance Valuation – Replacement Cost Estimate

Don’t be left exposed in case of an emergency. We can provide a replacement cost estimate to ensure your insurance is appropriate.

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