Herron Todd White has considerable experience over many years in providing professional property services to all levels of Government.

We offer a number of services specifically tailored to Government bodies and institutions. Given our national presence, we can offer these services throughout most areas of Australia and provide a single point of contact for Government bodies with property assets in varied geographical locations.

Asset accounting purposes

We deliver portfolio valuations for asset accounting purposes and have completed assignments for some of the largest Government bodies together with some of the smallest in the most remote locations of Australia. Our reporting systems provide state of the art asset identification and condition rating techniques to provide a comprehensive and meaningful management tool.

Insurance valuations

Underinsurance can be a significant problem for Government bodies with extensive property portfolios.  We can provide portfolio insurance valuations to ensure an appropriate level of replacement insurance. These are undertaken using industry endorsed estimating software which provide an elemental breakdown of the construction cost.

Building condition audits

For government entities with a portfolio of property assets a building condition audit can be an invaluable management tool and save considerable future maintenance expense.  We undertake portfolio building inspections to identify any notable faults or defects and provide a schedule of future maintenance items.

Acquisition or disposal

Herron Todd White can act as an ‘in house’ advisor for property acquisition or disposal projects.  We can assist with independent valuation advice, purchase negotiations, appointment of selling agents and management of the sale process.

Compulsory acquisition

We have been appointed to perform acquisition projects from initial design stage through to compensation assessments and negotiations with affected property owners for some of the largest acquisition projects in Australia and have demonstrated experience in delivering acquisition assignments on time and on budget.