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Our Services in Western Australia

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

We start with a property consultation. We will discuss and evaluate your specific property needs. We don't just take your "shopping list" and hunt down a property that suits. We take the time to work through what you need and what you are trying to achieve and will present you with a range of possible solutions, including some that may be very different to your initial plans - that is because we help you look at the big picture and help you work towards the best buying outcome possible.

As part of this process we will put together your "buyer profile" which includes your price range, the things your property has to have (or not have), your financial situation, your goals/intentions and an overview of your future vs. current needs. This provides us with a very accurate map, that we can use to research the right property for you.

Astute investors make sure their investments form part of an overall plan to achieve a goal. We help our clients by developing comprehensive property plans that provide a framework for when to buy, sell or hold property so they can maximise their investments outcomes.

We deliver a range of services including:

  1. Property Find and Acquire - Our most popular service - we search the market extensively for your ideal more
  2. Property Check and Acquire - Where you want to do your own searching, you bring us the property you more
  3. Property Review - We review and provide advice including whether to continue to hold, develop or subdivide a property, or more
  4. Sales Advisory - If you have property you want to sell, we can project manage the sale for more

Service Name Description
Property Consultation

Meeting to discuss:

  • Property planning.
  • Recommended strategy to buy your property.
  • Your existing property asset performance.
  • Current market activity - what's hot and what's not.
Property Review


  • Assess the market worth and demand for the property.
  • Evaluate the historical performance of the property and its suitability for your investment plans.
  • Identify factors likely to influence future capital growth and rent return.
Property Check & Acquire


  • Undertake a review of the property identified by you (as per above).
  • Complete essential property due diligence.
  • Provide contract services.
  • Negotiate the acquisition at the lowest possible price and on the best terms and conditions for you.
  • Coordinate all matters leading up to settlement.
Property Find & Acquire

 Discuss and evaluate your property needs.

  • Systematically research the entire market for the best property to suit you.
  • Present to you researched property for consideration.
  • Provide contract services.
  • Complete essential property due diligence checklist.
  • Negotiate the acquisition at the lowest possible price and on the best terms and conditions for you.
  • Coordinate all matters prior to settlement.
Sales Advisory

 When choosing a selling agent to sell your property you will receive a lot of confusing and sometimes conflicting advice. Some questions that you will face include:-

  • Should I auction or sell with a fixed price?
  • Do I really need to appoint one agent on an exclusive basis? Are there any methods to appoint multiple agents so as many buyers see my property as possible?
  • Has the sales agent over quoted the sale price just to win the business? How much sales commission should I be paying? Is it possible to have an incentive system so that the agent is rewarded for above expected results?
  • How much is my property really worth?
  • What type of marketing would be best for my property?

Our unique Sales Advisory Service will guide you through the sales process acting as your independent sounding board for offer, counter offers, terms and conditions and any other matters that may arise.